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Our graduates have gone on to law and graduate schools. They have found employment as attorneys, as pastors, as public servants, and in non-profit organizations. Political scientists employed by colleges and universities usually have flexible work schedules, often dividing their time among teaching, research, writing. A political science degree prepares students for a huge range of careers in government, law, political activism, international affairs, business, journalism, or. Major in Political Science+– · Senior Thesis · Double Job Placement: Hanna Breetz Assistant Assistant Professor of Political Science and. Government majors have gone on to do a myriad of things with their degrees, from teaching to work in non-profit organizations. The possibilities for employment.

As of , more than 7, colleges and universities offer the political science major (DataUSA ). Given state regulations, accrediting-. am EST. re: future political scientist Jobs was not a business major or a software Most political science majors do not go on to become 'political. Most jobs as a political scientist require a master's degree or a Ph.D. in political science, public assistant and policy analyst, are possible with a. ENGL Intro. to American Literature (ACTS Employment Information: A baccalaureate degree in political science offers excellent preparation for careers. EDUCATION. Most jobs as a political scientist require a master's degree or a Ph.D. in political science, public administration, or a related field. Our majors have taken jobs in Federal, state and local governments, journalism, advocacy groups, non-governmental organizations, high school teaching, business. Political science is a versatile degree. It can springboard a career in politics and policy, nonprofit work. Many of our students go on to work in public service, and work in local, state, and national government offices. Others choose political careers, including. Traditionally, Political Science majors have successfully pursued careers in law, government, business management and administration, policy-oriented social.

Ways to explore career opportunities related to the Political Science major Undergraduate Bulletin - POL (PDF)pdf Political Science majors who. Answer: You can go into a few careers, with some training in political science, because, as most activities people engage in, are is some wsys. After earning an associate degree in political science, graduates pursue careers in government and business, including working as managers in office settings. students for careers in international relations and comparative politics). 1] Major in Political Science (36 hours). All political science majors. Most poli sci graduates go off to grad school or law school and get decent to good careers (working in law, policy analysts, professors, journalist, etc.) but. Political science majors also have held careers on the staff of U. S. senators and representatives; in the CIA and Secret Service; in radio, television, and. Explore almost 40 years of job data from Rollins alums and profiles of recent graduates. And see how political science stacks up among majors with top-earning. Great Jobs for Political Science Majors. Reviewed in the United States on September 10, Good ideas. Harder to get internships and jobs than I expected. A little outside of the realm of politics, students can apply the skills they learned during their Political Science major towards a job as a Market Research.

Interested in a Career in Politics? Want to gain that advantage others interested in working in the political arena may not have? Poli Sci majors - where Graduated with BA in , got a job at a What are good jobs to do as a Political Science major still in college? That's why outside work experience is so important for those with our degrees. Hands down the easiest way to land a job post graduation is to. Cristian Martinez go from foster care to the halls of power in Washington, DC. Photo courtesy of Political Science. POLITICAL SCIENCE. THE DEGREE. The most obvious career paths for someone with a political science degree are in law, government, political consultancy, and lobbying. In addition, political.

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